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Martin Lueken

Martin F. Lueken, Ph.D. is the Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis at EdChoice.

Published Articles & Media

Tackling the “Exodus” Claim

The reality of take-up rates of private-education choice programs

How Teacher Pensions Are Cutting into Teacher Salaries: An Arizona Case Study

A careful look at the situation in Arizona sheds light on why teacher pay isn’t meeting expectations.

School Voucher Programs in Indiana and Louisiana

What two new studies find and how they can inform the school choice debate

Profiting from Educational Choice?

It’s students who benefit from tax-credit scholarships

Going Bold in Missouri with Education Savings Accounts

We estimate that state government and local school districts combined would save between $8 million and $58 million per year under an ESA program.

Who’s to Blame? Public School Districts’ Pension Dilemma

Charter schools and private schools did not create the financial quagmire some states now face.

Correcting Misinformation on School Choice

Yet another author ignores the ample evidence available that school choice provides benefits for children.

Competition with Charters Motivates Districts

New political circumstances, growing popularity

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