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    Mike Goldstein is the founder of the MATCH Charter School and MATCH Teacher Residency in Boston ( MTR is currently running a randomized trial of teacher coaching in New Orleans; last year MATCH designed and implemented an intervention in Houston which recruited and deployed over 200 full-time math tutors in Houston turnaround schools, as part of a larger experiment run by EdLabs. Mike serves or has served on various advisory boards: transition teams for the past two MA governors (Deval Patrick and Mitt Romney), the National Council for Teacher Quality, Harvard's Futures of School Reform, Boston Schoolchildren's Consortium, Education Sector, and others. He received his masters in public policy from Harvard University and his B.A. from Duke University, which -- through various computer models -- appears to have a 27% chance of returning to the Final Four in 2012, and a 97% chance of remaining the most hated team in college basketball.


Putting School Budgets in Teachers’ Hands

What if end-users in the classroom made purchasing decisions?

FALL 2018 / VOL. 18, NO. 4

Studying Teacher Moves

A practitioner’s take on what is blocking the research teachers need

WINTER 2012 / VOL. 12, NO. 1

Blog Posts/Multimedia

Mental Health in High School: The Teacher’s Perspective

The recent mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., provoked a rash of conversation about what schools could or should do about student mental health. Left out of the discussion was the teacher’s perspective.

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