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Martha Derthick

Martha Derthick is a political scientist retired from the government and foreign affairs faculty at the University of Virginia. She is the author of numerous books on public policy in the United States, including Policymaking for Social Security (1979), The Politics of Deregulation (with Paul J. Quirk, 1985), and Up in Smoke: From Legislation to Litigation in Tobacco Politics (2005). With Joshua Dunn, she co-authors a quarterly column, Legal Beat, for Education Next.

Published Articles & Media

Title IX at Trial

If you schedule it, will they come?

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Alabama plaintiffs lose federal school finance challenge

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Voucher wars heat up in Colorado

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Education Next talks with Martha Derthick and Andy Rotherham

Budget Buster

Teachers sue to protect pensions

Trouble in Kansas

Parents in a wealthy district sue to pay more taxes

Thou Shalt Not Say Jesus

Do elementary school students have free-speech rights?

The Ninth Circuit v. Reality

Highly qualified teachers don’t grow on trees

No Federal Case

Court says charter school is not a state actor

Strange Bedfellows

Students find unexpected ally in the Christian Right

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