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Martha Derthick

Martha Derthick is a political scientist retired from the government and foreign affairs faculty at the University of Virginia. She is the author of numerous books on public policy in the United States, including Policymaking for Social Security (1979), The Politics of Deregulation (with Paul J. Quirk, 1985), and Up in Smoke: From Legislation to Litigation in Tobacco Politics (2005). With Joshua Dunn, she co-authors a quarterly column, Legal Beat, for Education Next.

Published Articles & Media

Modern Maturity for Charter Schools

Litigation shows they have arrived

Collective Panic

Court decision terrifies unions

Script Doctors

A compelling play on the wrong stage?

Bayou Backdown?

Obama administration retreats on vouchers

Ballots Not Barristers

Arizona case shows limits of litigation

Paycheck Protection

Court upholds Michigan law forbidding public schools from collecting union dues through payroll deductions

More School Dollars!

School finance claims shuffle back to life

Digital Discipline

We aren’t sure if you can say that

Desegregation Redux

Desegregation cases affecting hundreds of districts haven’t been concluded.

Can Carrots Become Sticks?

Court knows coercion when it sees it

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