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Ludger Woessmann is Professor of Economics at the University of Munich and Director of the ifo Center for the Economics of Education at the ifo Institute. He is also Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Much of his research focuses on the sources of international differences in student achievement and their consequences for economic prosperity.

Published Articles & Media

Costs of Past and Future Learning Losses

For the United States, the already accrued learning losses are expected to amount to $14.2 trillion, and would grow if schools are unable to restart quickly.

The Achievement Gap Fails to Close

Half century of testing shows persistent divide between haves and have-nots

Apprenticeship Programs in a Changing Economic World

In a knowledge-based economy, early employment gains with vocational training may lead to later problems when specific skills become obsolete and workers lack the ability to adjust to a changed economic environment.

It Pays to Improve School Quality

States that boost student achievement could reap large economic gains

Universal Basic Skills and Sustainable Development Goals

A new report examines the economic impact of meeting a goal of bringing all children up to a level of basic skills.

An International Look at the Single-Parent Family

Family structure matters more for U.S. students

U.S. Students from Educated Families Lag in International Tests

It’s not just about kids in poor neighborhoods

Is the U.S. Catching Up?

International and state trends in student achievement

Merit Pay International

Countries with performance pay for teachers score higher on PISA tests

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