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Kathleen Porter-Magee

Kathleen Porter-Magee is the superintendent and chief academic officer at The Partnership for Inner-City Education. She previously served as the senior advisor for policy and instruction at the College board. She began her career as a Catholic school teacher and later worked in the office of education at the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. She also served as an executive with the high-performing charter network, Achievement First.

Published Articles & Media

Book cover for "Teaching in the Online Classroom"

A Survival Guide for Distance Teaching

Lessons in “fighting the tide of passivity”

When Results Aren’t Enough: The Financial State of Urban Catholic Schools

If we want to preserve urban Catholic education, we need savvy fiscal experts and business leaders who can help build sustainable institutions in a fiercely competitive environment.

When Catholic Schools Close and Reopen as Charter Schools

Memphis is not the first diocese to work with charter leaders to “convert” struggling urban Catholic schools into public charter schools, but its “conversions” are certainly the most prominent.

Giving Catholic Schools the Flexibility to Innovate

What if Catholic dioceses reinvented the role they play in school oversight?

Is A Solid Curriculum a Constraint on Teacher Creativity?

That so many ed reformers have steered clear of advocating for proven curricula speaks volumes about how resistant our culture is to anything that puts limits on individual autonomy.

Urban Catholic Schools in Partnership Network Shine on State Tests

The inherent strengths of Catholic education—a focus on values, faith formation, and academic rigor, coupled with the belief that all children can succeed—are as sturdy a foundation as they have always been.

Why Catholic School Reform Isn’t Like Other School Reforms

Something special happens in schools rooted in enduring relationships and timeless values.

Faith, Hope, and Hard Work: Reflections on Year One of Partnership Schools

June marked the end of my first year as superintendent of Partnership Schools, a nonprofit school management organization that was granted broad authority to manage and operate six K–8 urban Catholic schools.

Doug Lemov Reveals His Secrets

Doug Lemov's work identifying what “champion” teachers do has been nothing short of transformational.

The Missing Link Between Standards and Instruction

Standards for any subject are most effective when used not to drive lesson planning on any given day, but rather the selection of a clear, teacher-friendly, coherently developed curriculum.

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