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Jing Liu is a doctoral student in Economics of Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He completed his B.S. in Economics (major in Public Finance) in 2011 and M.A. in Economics of Education in 2013, both from Peking University, China. He also worked as a research assistant at China Institute for Educational Finance Research from 2011 to 2013.

Published Articles & Media

Going to School is Optional: Schools Need to Engage Students to Increase Their Lifetime Opportunities

Missing school and skipping class has consequences for student learning. Luckily we have policy levers to keep students in school and in class.

Black-White Disparity in Student Loan Debt More Than Triples After Graduation

Racial gaps in total debt are far larger than even recent reports have recognized, far larger now than in the past, and correlated with troubling trends in the economy.

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