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June Kronholz

June Kronholz is a former Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent, bureau chief, and education reporter, and currently a contributing editor at Education Next.

Published Articles & Media

Getting At-Risk Teens to Graduation

Blended learning offers a second chance

High Schoolers in College

Dual enrollment programs offer something for everyone

Challenging the Gifted

Nuclear chemistry and Sartre draw the best and brightest to Reno


The challenges of keeping kids in school

Competition Makes a Comeback

Academic bees and bowls attract top students

D.C.’s Braveheart

Can Michelle Rhee wrest control of the D.C. school system from decades of failure?

D.C. School Enrollment: Numbers, Damn Numbers and Statistics

Washington D.C. school enrollment is looking like a footrace that both the traditional and charter schools can claim to be winning. Auditors: Start your calculators.

Backlash Against Teacher Firings in D.C. Tests Rhee’s Political Strength

It’s hard to tell whether Washington D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee courts controversy or is merely dogged by it. Either way, Rhee once again finds herself in the thick of it, just as her school-improvement efforts are starting to take hold and Washington had begun to exhale over her stick-it-in-your-eye style.

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