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Joanne Jacobs, a former San Jose Mercury News editorial writer and columnist, writes about K–12 education and community colleges at and

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The San Francisco school- board recall effort was led by parents Siva Raj (left) and Autumn Looijen.

School Board Shakeup in San Francisco

Arrogance, incompetence, and woke rhetoric trigger successful recall effort
Autumn Looijen and Siva Raj had no funding or political experience when the effort began to recall board members and reopen schools.

Behind a School Board Recall in San Francisco, a Diverse Coalition

Frustrated parents, Asian-Americans, gays, venture capitalists, even teachers aim to oust “radical” board
Growth of Bilingual Programs (Figure 1)

To Bring Back Bilingual Ed, California Needs Teachers

Districts offer bonuses of up to $10,000 to woo scarce instructional talent

Summit Now Partnering With Over 300 Schools

Summit Public Schools’ personalized-learning model, known as the Summit Learning Program (SLP), is replicating rapidly.

Pacesetter in Personalized Learning

Summit charter network shares its model nationwide

High School of the Future

Cutting-edge model capitalizes on blended learning to take personalization further

Learning English

Accountability, Common Core, and the college-for-all movement are transforming instruction

the Education 

A conversation with
 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Beyond the Factory Model

Oakland teachers learn how to blend

Moving the Education Needle

A conversation with Scott Hamilton

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