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Ed Jones leads the Hackable High Schools initiative. He is bootstrapping a Statewide Experiment in Customized Teen Learning, an effort to test new, open sourced curricula under Ohio's Credit Flex law. At 23, Ed redesigned the world’s most complex software/electronics system and later procured software for U.S. Army Aviation. He's since worked in and with a score of local government agencies, including bootstrapping a park district with no tax revenues. He works to finish the book Hacking High School, Making School Work for All Teens, and lives & works (usually) in Appalachian Ohio.

Published Articles & Media

It’s Not Fair Week

Missing this year: what county fairs teach about science, business, and civics.

AP Government is All Government and No Civics; All Federal and No Federalism

We need a rigorous curriculum to teach students the civics of the local and the experiential.

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