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In the stormy seas of school reform, this journal will steer a steady course, presenting the facts as best they can be determined, giving voice (without fear or favor) to worthy research, sound ideas, and responsible arguments. Bold change is needed in American K–12 education, but Education Next partakes of no program, campaign, or ideology. It goes where the evidence points.

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The Education Exchange: Are Proficiency Standards Set too High?

New biography of the nation’s report card highlights longstanding debate.
Photo of Jim Stergios

The Education Exchange: A State Takeover of Boston’s Public Schools?

"It's a system that is broken," says Pioneer Institute’s Stergios
Photo of Peter Arcidiacono

The Education Exchange: How Race Factors into College Admissions

Expert witness previews the affirmative action cases headed for the Supreme Court
Photo of Dr. Michael Maher

The Education Exchange: “The biggest gut punch of all”

Pandemic learning losses are across the board, but they still widen racial gaps, North Carolina official report finds.
Photo of Patricia Levesque

The Education Exchange: New Biden Rules Pose Threat to Charter Schools

Deadline nears for public comments; legal challenge is considered
Book cover of "The Compleat Victory" and photo of Kevin J. Weddle

The Education Exchange: Is Putin a Modern George III?

Military historian Kevin Weddle sees parallels between the war in Ukraine and the American Revolution.
Photo of Angela Dills

The Education Exchange: The Three Myths of Charter School Funding

District schools raise more money by requiring fees from students, but charters receive more help from charitable contributions

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