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Douglas N. Harris is professor of economics at Tulane University and founder and director of ERA-New Orleans.

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Still Waiting for Convincing Evidence

Do public-school students who move to a private school with a government-funded voucher benefit...

Taking Stock of Private-School Choice

Scholars review the research on statewide programs

Make It Local with In-House Researchers

We need to build a new cadre of researchers employed by school districts, state agencies, and local nonprofits.

DeVos and the Evidence from Michigan

What does the evidence say about a free market approach to school reform that relies on school vouchers and unregulated forms of charter schooling?

Should Louisiana Eliminate Its Voucher Program?

How long should we wait to see whether the program is working? That is a question that only lawmakers can answer.

The First Negative Effects of Vouchers and the Predictable Misinterpretation

Why are the effects so negative when prior studies have found either no effect or positive effects? Good question. Unfortunately, we know much less about reasons than some have suggested.

The New Orleans OneApp

Centralized enrollment matches students and schools of choice

Good News for New Orleans

Early evidence shows reforms lifting student achievement

Implications for Policy Are Not So Clear

Commentary on "Great Teaching:Measuring its effects on students’ future earnings" By Raj Chetty, John...

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