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Anne Hyslop is a Senior Policy Analyst with Bellwether Education Partners. She advises clients and produces research, analysis, and commentary on educational accountability and improvement, No Child Left Behind waivers and reauthorization, and the intersection and alignment of state and federal policy, PreK-12.

Published Articles & Media

Let Some High School Juniors Go Directly To College

Building a new pathway between high school and college that’s student-centered instead of system-centered

Forty Important ESSA Rules Endangered by Republicans’ Repeal Efforts

These regulations do more to empower states, local communities, and parents and clarify what’s possible under the law than they do to limit them.

Grade-Span Accountability Is A Bad Idea: Just Ask CAP and the AFT

Rather than having regular check-ups on student progress, with relatively low stakes on those results, we’d have much higher stakes attached to a smaller number of test scores.

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Ending statewide, comparable, annual testing is an overreaction that creates more problems than it solves.

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