High Stakes in Chicago

Are Chicago’s rising test scores genuine?

The Human Capital Century

Has U.S. leadership come to an end?

Crowd Control

Does reducing class size work?

Learning to Earn

How higher standards affect graduation and employment

To Catch a Cheat

The pressures of accountability may encourage school personnel to doctor the results from high-stakes tests. Here’s how to stop them.

The Revolving Door

A path-breaking study of teachers in Texas reveals that working conditions matter more than salary

The Politics of No Child Left Behind

The scene in January 2002 was a civics text come to life. Flanked by...

Tug of War

The Right wants schools to inculcate civic values. So does the Left. Which is why the public schools should avoid civic education altogether

The Race Connection

Are teachers more effective with students who share their ethnicity?

The Gentleman’s A

New evidence on the effects of grade inflation


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