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EdNext Book Club: Chester Finn’s Troublemaker: A Personal History of School Reform Since Sputnik

Mike Petrilli talks with Chester Finn about the path education reform has taken over the past 40 years and his own path through history.

EdNext Book Club: Paul Peterson’s Saving Schools

Mike Petrilli talks with Paul Peterson about six great education heroes.

Students in Affluent School Districts Post Mediocre Results

Podcast: Jay Greene discusses his new study, which examines student achievement in virtually every school district in the United States and compares the performance of U.S. districts with the performance of students in 25 developed countries.

Power to the Principals

Podcast: Paul Peterson and Chester Finn discuss a study of Chicago principals who were given the power to choose which teachers to fire.

A New Leader for New Orleans

Podcast: John White talks with Education Next about his goals for the Recovery School District.

EdNext Book Club: Rick Hess’ The Same Thing Over and Over

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Rick Hess about his magnum opus.

NCLB Waivers

Podcast: Paul Peterson and Chester Finn discuss efforts by Arne Duncan to give states some leeway with respect to NCLB.

EdNext Book Club: Terry Moe’s Special Interest

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Terry Moe about teachers unions

GOP Candidates on Education

Podcast: Paul Peterson and Chester Finn discuss education policy and the Republican candidates for president.

Grounds for Dismissal

Podcast: Eric Hanushek and Marty West discuss two new studies that look at teacher dismissals.


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