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Ed Next Book Club: Andy Smarick on The Urban School System of the Future

Mike Petrilli talks with Andy Smarick about alternatives to urban school districts.

What We’re Listening To: Mike Petrilli and Josh Starr on Whether the Brightest Students Are Being Challenged

Ed Next's Mike Petrilli was a guest on What's the Big Idea? a podcast hosted by Josh Starr, superintendent of schools in Montgomery County, Md.

Ed Next Book Club: David Cohen on Teaching and its Predicaments

Mike Petrilli talks with David Cohen about the depressing track record of efforts to improve teaching and learning.

Ed Next Book Club: Nate Levenson on Smarter Budgets, Smarter Schools

Mike Petrilli talks with Nate Levenson about getting by with smaller school budgets.

Ed Next Book Club: Paul Tough on How Children Succeed

Mike Petrilli talks with Paul Tough about his new book on the role of grit in success.

Ed Next Book Club: Michael Horn on Disrupting Class

Mike Petrilli talks with Michael Horn about disruptive innovation in education.

Ed Next Book Club: Peg Tyre’s The Good School

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Peg Tyre about her new book, which offers advice to parents concerned about school quality.

Ed Next Book Club: Diane Ravitch’s The Death and Life of the Great American School System

Mike Petrilli talks with Diane Ravitch about her best-selling book and her vision for the future.

Ed Next Book Club: Paul Tough’s Whatever it Takes

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with New York Times Magazine editor Paul Tough about his book on the Harlem Children’s Zone.

EdNext Book Club: Chester Finn’s Troublemaker: A Personal History of School Reform Since Sputnik

Mike Petrilli talks with Chester Finn about the path education reform has taken over the past 40 years and his own path through history.


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