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Ed Next Book Club: Terry Moe’s Special Interest

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Terry Moe about teachers unions

GOP Candidates on Education

Podcast: Paul Peterson and Chester Finn discuss education policy and the Republican candidates for president.

The Christian Brothers and their Public Schools

Podcast: Peter Meyer reports from Chicago, where two public schools have been launched by a Roman Catholic religious order.

Grounds for Dismissal

Podcast: Eric Hanushek and Marty West discuss two new studies that look at teacher dismissals.

Ed Next Book Club: Jay Mathews’ Work Hard, Be Nice

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Jay Mathews about his book on the founding and early years of KIPP.

Ed Next Book Club: David Whitman’s Sweating the Small Stuff

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with David Whitman about paternalistic schools.

Ed Next Book Club: Gene Maeroff’s School Boards in America

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with former New York Times education correspondent Gene Maeroff about his new book.

Ed Next Book Club: John Merrow’s The Influence of Teachers

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with author John Merrow about his book—and what he’s learned from the countless hours he’s spent as a reporter in America’s classrooms.

More Lecturing, More Learning

Podcast: Guido Schwerdt talks with Ed Next about his new study finding that students learn more math and science when their teachers devote more time to lecturing and less time to problem-solving activities.

Ed Next Book Club: Alexander Russo’s Stray Dogs, Saints, and Saviors

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with author Alexander Russo about his book on Locke High School and Green Dot's efforts to turn it around.


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