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What We’re Listening To: Paul E. Peterson on the Common Core

Ed Next's Paul E. Peterson was a guest on New Hampshire Public Radio to discuss the Common Core.

Ed Next Book Club: Tony Wagner on Creating Innovators

Mike Petrilli talks with Tony Wagner about how schools can light the spark of innovation within their students.

Ed Next Book Club: Andy Smarick on The Urban School System of the Future

Mike Petrilli talks with Andy Smarick about alternatives to urban school districts.

What We’re Listening To: Mike Petrilli and Josh Starr on Whether the Brightest Students Are Being Challenged

Ed Next's Mike Petrilli was a guest on What's the Big Idea? a podcast hosted by Josh Starr, superintendent of schools in Montgomery County, Md.

Ed Next Book Club: David Cohen on Teaching and its Predicaments

Mike Petrilli talks with David Cohen about the depressing track record of efforts to improve teaching and learning.

Ed Next Book Club: Nate Levenson on Smarter Budgets, Smarter Schools

Mike Petrilli talks with Nate Levenson about getting by with smaller school budgets.

Ed Next Book Club: Paul Tough on How Children Succeed

Mike Petrilli talks with Paul Tough about his new book on the role of grit in success.

Ed Next Book Club: Michael Horn on Disrupting Class

Mike Petrilli talks with Michael Horn about disruptive innovation in education.

Ed Next Book Club: Peg Tyre’s The Good School

Podcast: Mike Petrilli talks with Peg Tyre about her new book, which offers advice to parents concerned about school quality.

Ed Next Book Club: Diane Ravitch’s The Death and Life of the Great American School System

Mike Petrilli talks with Diane Ravitch about her best-selling book and her vision for the future.


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