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The Education Exchange: “Release Time” Pay for Union Leaders Is Challenged in New Jersey Lawsuit

"The Jersey City School Board is essentially writing a blank check to the union," says lawyer for two taxpayers who object

The Education Exchange: The Future of Results-Based Accountability in Education

"If we hadn't had the accountability regime and the choices that have come along with it, I believe we would have had even less improvement," says Chester E. Finn Jr.
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The Education Exchange: Reopening in the Shadow of Covid-19

Study shows disadvantaged students more likely to attend schools that provide only remote instruction.

EdNext Podcast: How Remote Learning Changes Snow-Day Decisionmaking

"Think about snow hours or snow afternoons or snow breaks...Call this 'sleducation.'"

The Education Exchange: Toward Equitable School Choice

U.S. education needs more flexibility and adaptability, less rigidity, a new Hoover Education Success Initiative report finds.
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EdNext Podcast: Parents Use Litigation as a Lever to Open Schools

Kentucky's governor shuts a Christian school while leaving strip clubs, college basketball open

The Education Exchange: How Online Learning Is Unleashing Innovation

"The longest that adults and young people want to hear one person talk is about 10 or 11 minutes."
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EdNext Podcast: Projections of Pandemic Learning Loss Were Too Pessimistic, a New Study Suggests

The largest and most comprehensive analysis to date of actual, rather than projected, pandemic learning loss finds math suffered more than reading.
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The Education Exchange: Adding Transparency and Equity with Weighted Student Funding

A promising reform in school finance is under pressure in the pandemic, Georgetown's Marguerite Roza says


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