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Screen capture of the Portrait of a Tyrant video game

EdNext Podcast: Teaching the Declaration of Independence with a Video Game

"We have to be clear-eyed about the wrongs and failings in our history. We also have to be equally clear-eyed about the value and the achievements."
Photo of Williamson Evers next to the Education Exchange podcast logo

The Education Exchange – Why California’s Democratic Governor Vetoed Ethnic Studies

"An ideological indoctrination program" aimed at "revolutionary mobilization," a critic says.

EdNext Podcast: The Never-Ending Battle to Protect Charter School Autonomy

And how a "mystery shopper" program made sure students with disabilities were welcomed
Photo of Sarah Turner

EdNext Podcast: Pandemic Sets off a Scramble for Scarce SAT and ACT Seats

"It's a little absurd to see hundreds of families from different states across the Eastern Seaboard descending on small rural Virginia towns to sit for college admissions tests."
Photo of Eric Hanushek

The Education Exchange: A $14 Trillion Loss from Coronavirus-Related School Closures

"However schools are restarted, they have to be emphasizing student learning. It's not a matter of just how much distance there is between desks or whether everybody has an iPad, we have to really focus on the learning of students," says Eric Hanushek.


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