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The Education Exchange: A $14 Trillion Loss from Coronavirus-Related School Closures

"However schools are restarted, they have to be emphasizing student learning. It's not a matter of just how much distance there is between desks or whether everybody has an iPad, we have to really focus on the learning of students," says Eric Hanushek.

The Education Exchange: New Research Links Milwaukee School Vouchers and Reduction in Criminal Activity

"We found about a 53% reduction in drug convictions, an 86% reduction in property damage convictions....It looks like school choice is associated with reductions in crime."

EdNext Podcast: Teachers Unions Shaping Reopening Decisions

Organized labor's public-sector power survives a Supreme Court decision

Education Exchange Replay: Condoleezza Rice on the “Deep Visceral Wounds of Slavery”

"We've got to have a bumper sticker for the school choice movement, and it's got to be, 'save the kid.' Not save the schools; save the kids," the former secretary of state says.
Photo collage of Nora Gordon and Carrie Conaway

EdNext Podcast: Using Evidence in Education

"You don't need to read the entire study," and other practical advice for using research


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