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The Education Exchange: Will Supreme Court Pave Way For Religious Charter Schools?

Carson v. Makin decision could be end of distinction between religious status, use
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The Education Exchange: More Private School Competition Boosts Public School Student Test Scores, a New Study Finds

"If anything, the public schools seem to be benefiting a bit," Northwestern University's David Figlio finds in research on Florida as tax-credit scholarship scaled up.
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The Education Exchange: Merit Bonuses Partly Based on Student Ratings Push Teacher Pay in Dallas into Six Figures

Instructors are "working harder, working longer, getting results," says Superintendent Michael Hinojosa
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The Education Exchange: Press Is Giving Critical Race Theory a Free Pass, a New Study Finds

Practices like in-school "privilege walks" are "bad for children, bad for the nation," says AEI's Hess

The Education Exchange: Charter School Enrollment Leaps by Nearly a Quarter Million Students, a New Study Finds

"The pandemic has woken people up," says Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


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