Our Schools in the Year 2030

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How will they be different?

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Spring 2006 / Vol. 6, No. 2

The past few years have seen a whirl wind of developments in school reform. Dramatic efforts to upend the 20th-century model of local schooling—among them,increased accountability and charter schooling—have made consider able advances. What if we look a little further out? To the near future, a place we can almost touch. What will it take to create schools that are efficient, effective, and equal to the challenges of the 21stcentury? In this forum, two veteran observers—one a savvy entrepreneur, the other a leading scholar—take a look at the world of schooling circa 2030, sharing two widely different perspectives on what education is likely to look like and what that means for school reform today.

Dramatic Growth Is Possible by Chris Whittle
A Reply to Henry Levin by Chris Whittle
Déjà Vu All Over Again by Henry Levin

Dramatic Growth Is Possible by Chris Whittle Deja Vu All Over Again by Henry Levin

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