Image of the novel coronavirus

Education Reform and the Coronavirus

The corner of my suburban Boston bedroom, where I write this letter, has by...

About a Teacher

A new film written and directed by a teacher comes closer to capturing the feel of classroom life than most of its big budget predecessors.

Harvard Law Professor’s Attack on Homeschooling Is a Flawed Failure. And Terribly Timed, Too.

About that law review article that prompted the Harvard Magazine article that created the uproar.

Forty-Six States Have Closed Physical Schools Until August or September

When will in-person school resume? In most places, not for about four months, at the earliest.

“Preparing for a Second Wave of Shutdowns in the Fall”

“Video games are an amazing tool for education,” Microsoft education executive says

When Will School Reopen? The Latest State-by-State Info

Physical schools in 42 states plus Washington, D.C. are closed until at least August or September 2020. Our infographic gets an update.

Superintendent Floats Fall Scenario of “Hybrid” Reopening

Students would “attend school certain days of the week and learn from home on others.”

Shooting the Test-Messenger

Backlash is less about testing than about resisting results-based accountability

“Existential Fear and Constant Worry”

Stockton, California, school superintendent John Deasy on the Covid-19 crisis: “The daily death rates and new case announcements are very difficult to wrap your head around. It is like the shock of 9/11 every week.”

Federal Appeals Judges Discover Constitutional Right to “Basic Minimum Education”

Opinion cites 110-degree classrooms, “rodent feces” in Detroit schools.


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