Third grader Eliana Vigil checks out in the lunch line at the Gonzales Community School in Santa Fe.

There’s No Free Lunch

Forum: Expand Access to Free School Food?
Infants sitting on a pile of money

Should Congress Make the Expanded Child Tax Credit Permanent?

Cash would alleviate poverty and could help pay tuition, but some see downside risk in costs and unintendended consequences.
Signature charter school in Evansville, Indiana

Challenge Index 2020

Please see “What I Learned in 23 Years Ranking America’s Most Challenging High Schools,” by Jay Mathews, for a fuller account of the reasoning behind and history of these rankings.

Statewide Assessments in 2021

An essential lens or a fruitless imposition?
Illustration: college student with a letterman jacket that reads "I OWE U"

Tailor Debt Relief to Those Who Need It Most

Forum: The Fallacy of Forgiveness


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