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Girl working alone in a hall

States Grapple with Standardized Testing during Pandemic

“Teaching without testing is talking”

Ethnic Studies in California

An unsteady jump from college campuses to K-12 classrooms
Protesters calling for Boston schools to keep the admissions exam in place for exam schools rally outside of Boston Latin School in Boston on October 18, 2020.

Exam-School Admissions Come Under Pressure amid Pandemic

Efforts to change selective admissions policies fuel parent activism
United States President Joe Biden signs executive order on Covid-19 during his first minutes in the Oval Office, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.

Condition Covid Aid on Opening Schools

Or else let funding flow directly to parents

Statewide Assessments in 2021

An essential lens or a fruitless imposition?

A Post-Covid Case for Classroom Cameras

When the pandemic ends, let’s keep teachers’ cameras on
A student applies hand sanitizer at the entrance of a school

How Boston-Area Catholic Schools Opened for In-Person Learning Amid the Pandemic

“Forming the souls of children requires us to be physically present with them,” says superintendent, as “public school refugees” add to enrollments

The Top 20 Education Next Articles of 2020

Race and the pandemic dominate the discussion

Four Steps to Effective and Cost-Effective Special Education

Avoid “less-than-best practices” such as an over-reliance on pull-outs during reading and math


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