In Commentary, Sohrab Ahmari makes the case that Teach for America, once a leading light of the education reform movement, has now “transformed itself into an arm of the progressive movement” and “functions as a platform for radical identity politics.” He argues:

TFA’s leaders have now fully enlisted the organization in the culture war—to the detriment of its mission and the high-minded civic sensibility that used to animate its work.

In “Still Teaching for America” in the Summer 2013 issue of Education Next, June Kronholz wrote about how Teach for America had managed to remain strong for 24 years and how it might evolve as its founder, Wendy Kopp, handed over day-to-day management responsibilities to others in the organization.

Earlier this week, Mike Petrilli argued that leaders of the charter school movement have also become more focused on progressive arguments in a way that may have caused support for the schools to erode among former allies.

— Education Next

Last updated October 20, 2017