In the News: Ron DeSantis Touts Florida Vouchers Ahead of Planned Bill Signing

By 05/09/2019

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Link to Tampa Bay TimesThe governor of Florida is visiting three private schools today to express his support for a new school voucher program passed by the state legislature. He will sign the bill, SB 7070, into law later today.

In the Tampa Bay Times, Jeffrey S. Solochek writes

DeSantis had made no secret of his support for the concept before his election, and made the goal of eliminating any waiting list for tax-credit scholarships a priority during the recently ended legislative session. After appointing three new, more conservative members to the state Supreme Court, DeSantis set in motion a plan to could likely survive legal challenges that brought down a similar program promoted by Jeb Bush two decades ago.

In “Florida’s New School Voucher Law Will Revive 20-Year-Old Legal Battle” Patrick Gibbons explains the legal fight over Florida’s first school voucher program.

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