In Denver, teachers from the Denver Public Schools have visited hundreds of students and their families at home in the weeks since school started, reports Melanie Asmar in Chalkbeat.

The aim of the growing Parent Teacher Home Visit Program is to build relationships between educators and families in the hopes those bonds will benefit students. The 92,000-student district has an ambitious goal this year: 13,000 visits.

Modeled after a program in Sacramento, Calif., Denver’s home visit program is now the second-biggest in the country behind only D.C. Public Schools, according to the district. Last year, Denver educators conducted 11,120 visits, said program manager Yoni Geffen.

A feature story by June Kronholz, “Teacher Home Visits,” which appears in the Summer 2016 issue of Education Next, explains the origins of the program and examines how it is working in Washington, D.C.

— Education Next

Last updated September 28, 2017