In the News: The Biggest Education Stories Of 2017 And 2018

By 01/02/2018

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Anya Kamenetz looks back at the top education moments in 2017 and she includes in her list the big, bipartisan plunge in support for charter schools which was revealed by the 2017 Education Next poll.

The poll found that support for charter schools dropped by 12 percentage points between 2016 and 2017. In an essay interpreting the results, the authors write

One might expect that this year’s decline in support for charters would be concentrated among Democrats, given the position taken by Trump, but that turns out not to be so. Support falls by 13 percentage points among Republicans (from 60% to 47%) and by 11 percentage points among Democrats (from 45% to 34%), leaving the partisan gap on the issue largely unchanged.

A discussion of the poll’s findings is available here.

— Education Next

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