Fall 2009: Vol. 9, No. 4

Brighter Choices in Albany

Reformers in New York’s capital have brought high-quality charter schools to scale, giving hope to a generation of disadvantaged kids.

Lost Opportunities

Lawmakers threaten D.C. scholarships despite evidence of benefits

Many Schools Are Still Inadequate, Now What?

Is court involvement in school spending essential to reform, or can we use education funding to drive reforms that promise better outcomes for students?

The International PISA Test

States should think twice before paying for more testing. There are easier ways to compare students to their global peers.

The Persuadable Public

The 2009 Education Next-PEPG Survey asks if information changes minds about school reform.

Powerful Professors

Research can change the political agenda…if the circumstances are right

Law and Disorder in the Classroom

Emphasis on student rights continues in classrooms even when the Court begins to think otherwise

The Preschool Picture

Universal preschool will be a boon for middle-class parents. How it will help poor kids catch up is not so obvious.

Credits Crunched

Arizona rulings hit scholarships and special education vouchers


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