Summer 2008: Vol. 8, No. 3

New York City Charter Schools

Who attends them and how well are they teaching their students?

Few States Set World-Class Standards

In fact, most render the notion of proficiency meaningless

No Country for Strong Men

California unions tame the Terminator

Court Jousters

Plaintiffs exploit weaknesses in NCLB

Peerless, Indeed

Educator’s diagnosis on the mark, 65 years later

Preschool Politics

States’ efforts to reach the very young

Book Alert

Lessons Learned: What International Assessments Tell Us about Math Achievement Tom Loveless, editor (Brookings Institution Press) While...


Teens write creatively in cyberspace but not in the classroom

Opinion Leaders or Laggards?

Newspaper editorialists support charter schools, split on NCLB

Up or Down the Staircase?

Mentors help interns figure it out


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