Winter 2005: Vol. 5, No. 1

Dollars and Sense

What a Tennessee experiment tells us about merit pay

Skewed Perspective

What we know about teacher preparation at elite education schools

Reading, Writing, and Willpower

Doomed to Fail: The Built-In Defects of American Education by Paul A. Zoch

Book Alert

The New Division of Labor: How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market, by Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane; Class and Schools: Using Social, Economic, and Educational Reform to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap, by Richard Rothstein; Leaving No Child Behind? Options for Kids in Failing Schools, by Frederick M. Hess and Chester E. Finn Jr., eds.; Standards Deviation: How Schools Misunderstand Education Policy, by James P. Spillane

Field Notes … 02.12.03

A Day in the Life of an Education Professor Who Came Down from the Ivory Tower to Start a Charter School

No Distortion Left Behind

The New York Times education columnist gets it wrong

Who Got The Raw Deal in Gotham?

The kids or New York Times readers?

Gray Lady Wheezing

The AFT hoodwinks the Times

Paying Teachers Properly

That the uniform salary “schedule” for teachers is obsolete and dysfunctional is a truth widely accepted but rarely challenged.

Supplemental services; keeping good teachers

Siobhan Gorman’s “Selling Supplemental Services” (Feature, Fall 2004) was informative and engaging, but, like much of the discussion on the subject, it furthers a theme that school districts are the “bad guys.”


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