Spring 2003: Vol. 3, No. 2

Our Schools and Our Future

Assessments of the state of American education on the 20th anniversary of the A Nation at Risk report

Unrecognized Progress

“It is high time that we commit the full resources required to improve every school in America, so that every child is at grade level or above"

Out of Balance

School Choice Tradeoffs: Liberty, Equity, and Diversity by By R. Kenneth Godwin and Frank R. Kemerer University of Texas Press,...

Help Wanted

Choice, accountability, and transparency will mean little without a new generation of school-based leaders to light the way

Honest Abe

Lincoln taught himself the three R's and more

The Test of Time

A Nation at Risk was an historic document—for its time. Now we know that while its findings were dead on, its reform agenda relied too much on the existing system

A Landmark Revisited

“Education reforms are useless unless our kids take responsibility for their education,” legendary union leader Albert Shanker wrote a decade ago.

Reforms for Whom?

The core of A Nation at Risk was its concern that America’s public schools were not challenging enough to prepare students for a future built on technology and information.

The Chasm Remains

Addressing the unique needs of urban children

Reform Blockers

Why the status quo almost always wins


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