In the News: Trump Could Open Door to Expanding D.C. School Voucher Program, Advocates Say

By 11/28/2016

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What will happen to the school voucher program in Washington, D.C., the only voucher program to receive federal funds? In the Washington Post, Emma Brown and Perry Stein consider the likelihood that Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos will attempt to expand the program.

ednext-nov2016-ototn-blog-trump-devos-dc-vouchersThey note

A 2010 report from the Education Department that examined the D.C. program found that graduation rates were higher among voucher recipients than public school students, according to reports from parents. But there was no conclusive evidence the vouchers improved student achievement.

Patrick Wolf summarizes the research on the impact of vouchers in D.C. here.

Spencer Hsu explained “How Vouchers Came to D.C.” in the Fall 2004 issue of Education Next.

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