EdNext Podcast: The Grade-Level Expectations Trap and the Post-Coronavirus Reopening

"There is a real opportunity for forward-thinking school operators to ask the question, should we think a little bit differently about how we come back to school than before we left?"

By 05/20/2020

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The co-founder and chief executive officer at New Classrooms, Joel Rose, joins Education Next Editor-in-chief Marty West to discuss Rose’s new article “The Grade-Level Expectations Trap: How lockstep math lessons leave students behind”—and its implications for the post-coronavirus return to school.

“We shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking that before Coronavirus, students were going to show up next fall perfectly on grade-level. Learning loss has been accumulating for years, for reasons having nothing to do with the virus itself. What is different now is that learning loss is impacting far more students, far more severely, than what the case was before the virus,” Rose says.

Rose’s article, “The Grade-Level Expectations Trap: How lockstep math lessons leave students behind,” is available now.

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