The 2018 EdNext survey finds that a 54% majority of the public supports school vouchers for all students, a 9-percentage-point increase over a year ago. Gains have been concentrated among Republicans, but they have been realized without off-setting losses among Democrats. Public opposition to universal vouchers has fallen from 37% to 31%. The increase in support occurred among both Republicans and Democrats. Backing among Republicans for universal vouchers has bumped upward by 10 percentage points, to 64%, while among Democrats the rise has been 7 percentage points, to 47%. No significant differences among whites, blacks, or Hispanics are observed. To learn more about these findings and others from 2018, read the full poll essay here. Two interactive graphics are also available that explore the 2018 findings as well as trends in opinion over time.

— Education Next

Last updated August 22, 2018