On the 2018 EdNext survey, among respondents provided with information on average teacher salaries prevailing in their state, 49% of the public say that teacher pay should increase—a 13-percentage-point jump over the share who said so last year. This hefty spike in support for boosting teacher salaries is the largest change in public opinion observed between the 2017 EdNext survey and the 2018 EdNext survey. Forty-four percent of informed respondents say teacher salaries in their state should remain about the same, while just 7% say they should decrease. Support rose within both political parties, from 45% in 2017 to 59% this year among Democrats, and from 27% to 38% among Republicans. To learn more about these findings and others from 2018, read the full poll essay here. Two interactive graphics are also available that explore the 2018 findings as well as trends in opinion over time.

— Education Next

Last updated August 21, 2018