EdNext Podcast: Democracy Prep Schools Boost Civic Participation

By 04/24/2019

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Can K-12 schools today make a difference when it comes to their students’ civic attitudes and behavior?

A new study finds that attending a public charter school operated by Democracy Prep Public Schools nearly doubles students’ rates of civic participation as young adults.

This week, on the EdNext Podcast, Marty West speaks with Seth Andrew, founder of Democracy Prep Public Schools.

The study, “A Life Lesson in Civics: How Democracy Prep Charter Schools Boost Student Voting,” by Brian P. Gill, Charles Tilley, Emilyn Whitesell, Mariel Finucane, Liz Potamites and Sean P. Corcoran , will appear in the Summer 2019 issue of Education Next and is now available on the website.

The EdNext Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher and here every Wednesday.

– Education Next

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