Deborah McGriff, managing partner of NewSchools Venture Fund, discusses the charter school movement with Marty West in this episode of the Education Next podcast.

How innovative has the charter school movement been? What are charter schools doing to narrow the achievement gap?

These are questions that Deborah McGriff is well positioned to answer.

She began her career in 1970 as a teacher in Community School District 13 of the New York City Public Schools. She later served as Assistant Superintendent in Cambridge, MA and Deputy Superintendent in Milwaukee, WI.  In 1991, she became the superintendent of the 200,000-student Detroit Public Schools, where she successfully opened 25 schools of choice.  In 1993 Dr. McGriff joined Edison Schools, where she held a number of positions, including president of Edison Teachers College and executive vice president of charter schools. She later worked as the executive vice president and chief relationship officer of Edison Schools. She is a former president of the Education Industry Association and both a founder and national board member of the Black Alliance for Educational Options.

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Last updated December 2, 2015