ednext-podcast-jan17-eden-detroitU.S. Senators are now busy reviewing the record of Betsy DeVos in preparation for their vote on her nomination as Education Secretary, which has been delayed until January 31. Many of the senators (and other observers) are taking a close look at the performance of schools in Detroit, where DeVos played an active role in the development of the charter school sector.

So how are charter schools in Detroit doing? Better than the traditional public schools in the district, it turns out.

In today’s podcast, Marty West talks with Max Eden, co-author of a recent blog entry that takes a close look at all available data on the performance of charter schools in Detroit.

Eden is senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He and Jason Bedrick wrote “The Data on Detroit,” which was posted on the EdNext blog on January 17, 2017.

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Last updated January 25, 2017