No Child Left Behind

A States’ Rights Insurrection Led by…California?

Three cheers for California’s governor, state superintendent, and state board chair, for applying for a waiver from NCLB that doesn’t kowtow to Washington.

The President’s Bully Pulpit and School Reform

Should presidents talk about student achievement or jobs for teachers?

George Miller and the Do-Gooder Caucus—A Top 10 List

If Republicans are radical, Miller and his allies must be conservative because they essentially want No Child Left Behind to stay the same.

Obama’s Coming ‘Flexibility’ Debacle

An announcement on education waivers is anticipated this week. Don't expect the reaction to be positive, for it appears that the President and his education secretary will renege on their promise of "flexibility" for the states.

Washington Insiders Favor ESEA Flexibility in Theory but Not in Reality

It’s not just the President’s bizarre State of the Union request that states raise their compulsory attendance age to 18. No, I’m referring to the Army of the Potomac’s reaction to John Kline’s ESEA proposal and to Chairman Tom Harkin’s and Rep. George Miller’s response to the waiver requests put forward by several states.

Texas Hit the Accountability Plateau, Then the Rest of the Country Followed

“Consequential accountability” corresponded with a significant one-time boost in student achievement. As an early adopter, Texas got a head start on big achievement gains, and also a head start on flat-lining thereafter.

The Future of Educational Accountability, As Envisioned by 11 Leading States

The states are presenting sensible alternatives to the antiquated Adequate Yearly Progress model. The challenge to Arne Duncan, his peer reviewers, and his team: Say yes to these proposals or be accused of a “Washington knows best” mentality.

It Sure Wasn’t Pretty, but Harkin-Enzi’s Out of Committee

Assuming that the House bills will be even better, I would claim that reauthorization is finally heading in a hopeful direction.

Harkin-Enzi’s Hodgepodge

We finally have a serious, thoughtful ESEA reauthorization proposal in the Senate, one that should gain support from both sides of the aisle and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. But here’s a warning: It’s not the bill that the Senate is currently marking up.

Accountability’s End?

If the debate around the federal role in accountability is coalescing, a much bigger question remains wide open: Could we be watching the beginning of the end for the accountability movement in toto?


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