No Child Left Behind

Alternative Charters and Alternative Accountability Systems

It makes sense for states to develop accountability systems that make space for alternative schools.

President Obama’s Not-So-Secret School Accountability Plan

Way back in March of 2010, President Obama released his blueprint for reauthorizing NCLB. Three years later, we’re still operating as if the blueprint never happened, as if three years of policymaking hasn’t happened.

ESEA is Exacerbating Inequality—Let’s Not Make It Worse

Until policymakers pay attention to what states are accomplishing or not accomplishing for students, there is no reason to expect states to move in the same direction.

NCLB’s Critical Design Flaw and the Lesson to Take

A decision to focus NCLB reauthorization on promoting transparency, honest measurements of spending and achievement, and on ensuring that constitutional protections are respected ought not be seen as a retreat from NCLB but as an attempt to have the feds do what they can do sensibly and well.

What Happened to 2007?

We need to return to the task of 2007 and to judge what might or might not usefully change in NCLB.

The Edu-Capture of NCLB

Is it right to set lower standards of academic performance for students from minority groups?

Flap in Virginia Shows Reformers’ Fealty to Ideology over Implementation

No Child Left Behind’s aspirational aims were more effective as rhetoric than as an accountability regime.

Do We Need National Standards to Prevent a Race to the Bottom?

If a race to the bottom is fueled by the desire to satisfy federal bureaucratic rules, why would we think the solution is in the adoption of more federal bureaucratic rules?

Arne Scorns Iowa: Political Courage or Political Suicide?

I was amazed, befuddled, dumbstruck, bemused (choose your own adjective) to learn that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has rejected a request from Iowa for flexibility under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The Romney Education Plan: Replacing Federal Overreach on Accountability with Federal Overreach on School Choice

A better idea might be to take a page from the Obama Administration handbook and make funding portability voluntary.


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