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The Education School Master’s Degree Factory

Simply by giving up the extra payment awarded to teachers with master’s degrees, school districts in Florida could save better than 3 percent of their teaching personnel costs without losing any of their classroom effectiveness.

Behind the Headline: L.A. elementary schools to switch reading programs

The Los Angeles school board has dumped Open Court, a reading program for elementary school students which provided scripted, phonics-intensive lessons. Many teachers hated the program, the L.A. Times reports. In the Winter 2007 issue of Ed Next, Diane Ravitch traced the history of the Open Court readers.

The Rope With Which We Hang Ourselves

V. I. Lenin may or may not have actually declared that “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them,” but something of the sort is occurring nowadays between American educators and the Communist regime in Beijing. Consider what happened last week in Chicago.


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