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The Secret to School Integration
New York Times | 2/23/16

Behind the Headline
Desegregation Since the Coleman Report
Education Next | Spring 2016

In an op-ed in the New York Times, Halley Potter and Kimberley Quick argue that, while school segregation overall is increasing, and challenges to integration are substantial, “viable options are still within reach for nearly any community that makes integration a priority.”

Potter and Quick are the authors of a recent report by the Century Foundation that makes the case for increasing racial and socioeconomic diversity in schools and that highlights school districts and charter schools that are pursuing this goal.

In a recent article for Education Next, Steve Rivkin looks closely at the data on school segregation since the 1960s and finds that measuring school segregation is complicated because of the changing demographic composition of the schools. (As Rivkin notes, the percentage of students who are white has declined dramatically over the past 50 years.)

Rivkin’s article also looks at the consequences of racial segregation for student learning.

— Education Next

Last updated February 28, 2016