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Republican hopefuls agree: The key to the White House is working-class whites
The Washington Post | 1/13/15

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What the Republican Presidential Contenders Should Be Saying About Education
Education Next | 8/8/15

On the campaign trail, Marco Rubio has been talking up vocational education. Earlier this week he spoke at the auto shop of a community college in New Hampshire about the need for young people to learn tangible skills. Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa of the Washington Post wrote about the speech in an article on efforts by the Republican party to reach out to white working-class voters.

In a blog entry earlier this year about what the Republican candidates should be saying about education, Mike Petrilli wrote:

We also have to broaden our focus beyond the four-year college degree. Two-year technical degrees, and even one-year credentials, can also propel poor children into the middle class, especially if they choose the right field.

But expanding those options will also require changes because too many places have given up on vocational education. High-quality career and technical education needs to be a viable option for many more kids, beginning in high school. It shouldn’t be forced on anyone, but it has to exist as an option for those who want it. Put teenagers on a path to meaningful credentials. Give them experience in a real workplace. Offer them apprenticeships. Find them great mentors and role models. Show them what it means to work.

— Education Next

Last updated January 15, 2016