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Scottsdale Teen Aces A.P. Calculus Test
11/19/13 | Fox 10 News Phoenix

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High Scores at BASIS Charter Schools
Winter 2014 | Education Next

Eleven students this year received perfect scores on the Advanced Calculus AP exam this year, and one of them was a high school freshman. Fifteen-year-old Eric Kim of BASIS Scottsdale answered every multiple choice question correctly and earned the maximum score on each of the essays.

June Kronholz wrote about the BASIS schools for the new issue of Education Next in “High Scores at BASIS Charter Schools: Arizona students outperform Shanghai.” BASIS schools are open admission charter schools and operate with large classes on a shoestring budget, but as Kronholz notes

Fifteen years after its founding by two economists—an American and a Czech, who fell in love at a seminar on the collapse of the Soviet Union—the BASIS network already roosts in the scholastic stratosphere. The Tucson charter school outscored all 40 countries that administered the 2012 PISA, or Programme for International Student Assessment exams, with a mean math score of 618, 131 points above the U.S. average. Its 10-year-old Scottsdale sister school scored even higher: 51 points above the metropolitan Shanghai area in math and 42 points higher in science.

-Education Next

Last updated November 20, 2013