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On the anniversary of Brown v. Board, new evidence that U.S. schools are resegregating
The Washington Post | 5/17/16

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Desegregation Since the Coleman Report
Education Next | Spring 2016

ednext-ototn-may16-wp-marshallA new report released by the Government Accountability Office finds that poor, minority students are increasingly isolated from their white, affluent peers in school. The report states that the percentage of schools that are segregated by race and class has increased over the past decade.

An article published in Education Next earlier this year took a close look at changes in school segregation over time. The article explained how changes in the U.S. population, in particular a decline in the percentage of white students, makes it very complicated to compare segregation levels over time.

The article, by Steve Rivkin, is part of a special issue of Education Next commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Coleman Report, which analyzed racial disparities in American schools.

—Education Next

Last updated May 18, 2016