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Need a Job? Invent It
New York Times| 3/31/13

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The Hazards of the Great Example
Education Next |Summer 2013

In Sunday’s New York Times, Thomas Friedman praises the work of Tony Wagner, whose new book, Creating Innovators, argues that the goal of education today should be to make every child prepared to innovate and to invent their own jobs. In the Summer 2013 issue of Ed Next, Mark Bauerlein takes a closer look at Tony Wagner’s vision.

One can accept Wagner’s outlook and still identify a flaw that renders this book nothing more than a good idea to try out here and there in scattered high schools and colleges. It is that one cannot select a few unusual successes and build an entire institution upon them.

Mike Petrilli interviewed Tony Wagner for the Ed Next Book Club earlier this month. Click here to listen.

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Last updated April 1, 2013