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Michelle Rhee, the Education Celebrity who Rocketed from Obscurity to Oprah
Washington Post| 1/13/13

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The Case Against Michelle Rhee
Education Next | Summer 2011

The Washington Post puts a big article about Michelle Rhee on the front page on Sunday. And Richard Whitmire defends Rhee on the op-ed page of the Post in “Michelle Rhee had her flaws, but cheating wasn’t one of them.”

For more Rhee-sources from Ed Next, check out

The Case Against Michelle Rhee,” in which Paul Peterson debunks the case being made last summer that the progress made by students in Washington, D.C. should not be credited to Rhee’s policies.

A profile of Michelle Rhee from 2010 by June Kronholz. (“D.C.’s Braveheart”)

A podcast interview with Richard Whitmire about his book about Michelle Rhee, The Bee Eater.

And a review of Whitmire’s Rhee book by Mark Bauerlein.

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Last updated January 14, 2013