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Magnet Schools Find a Renewed Embrace in Cities
2/16/14 | New York Times

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Magnet Schools: No Longer Famous, But Still Intact
Spring 2005 | Education Next

Magnet schools are making a comeback in Miami and some other urban districts, according to Motoko Rich. Writing in the New York Times, Rich says that district leaders are focusing on the idea “as traditional public schools come under increasing pressure from charter schools and vouchers for private schools.” As Jeffrey Henig explains, magnet schools

have become kind of a go-to alternative as a way to incorporate some of the popular elements of choice while keeping the choice constrained more explicitly within the traditional district. It’s a recognition on the part of districts that at least some of the enthusiasm and popularity of charters is a resistance to the notion of a one-size-fits-all school.

A feature article by Christine Rossell in the Spring 2005 issue of Ed Next looked at the phenomenon of magnet schools and at their history

-Education Next

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