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‘Kids Are Different: There Are Lots of Different Ways to Educate Them’
1/17/14 | The Atlantic

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The Promise of Personalized Learning
Fall 2013 | Education Next

In the Atlantic, Julia Ryan interviews Glenn Harlan Reynolds about his new book, The New School, which predicts lots of customization and disruption ahead in education — home schooling, online learning, school choice and charters.  Reynolds explains

Life for the producers is going to become less comfortable and probably less lucrative and life for the consumers is going to become a bit easier and cheaper. Net, we will probably be better off as a society, but, as I say in my conclusion, with a quote from Arthur Allen Leff, just because it’s better for society as a whole doesn’t mean some people won’t be lashed by the flailing distribution curve, and that’s certainly right.

In an article for Ed Next, “The Promise of Personalized Learning,” Susan Headden wrote about a charter school in east L.A. that is using technology to personalize learning for each student.

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Last updated January 20, 2014